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Learn about all the latest products and newest tech, via each exhibitor's live Zoom Sessions — June 1-3 throughout the NANOG 79 Virtual Meeting. To access a Zoom Session, simply click on Virtual Showcase in the exhibitor's booth hosting it.

Corero Network Security Monday 11:00-12:00 The DDoS Threat Landscape and Trends Report
Sean Newman, VP of Product Management
DE-CIX Wednesday 11:00-12:00 Microsoft Azure Peering Services Now Available through DE-CIX
Daniel Spierling, Manager Peering Services for DE-CIX
Ed d'Agostino, GM DE-CIX North America
John Hill, Global Business Development Manager for DE-CIX
Juniper Networks Tuesday 11:00-12:00 Segment Routing
Ron Bonica, Distinguished Engineer
Colin Doyle, Senior Systems Engineer
Myriad360 Monday 5:30-6:00 Wind Down & Pour Your Favorite Drink with Myriad360's Engineering Team for Virtual Happy Half-Hour
Myriad360 Tuesday 5:30-6:00 Join Myriad360's VP of Client Success, Chris Grundemann, for an "Ask Me Anything" Session.
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NOKIA Monday 5:15-5:45 Nokia Deepfield Network Analytics and DDoS security
Craig Labovitz - CTO, Nokia Deepfield
NOKIA Tuesday 5:15-5:45 DDoS Auto-Mitigation: A (Big) Step Towards Self-Defending Networks
Stefan Meinders - Product Manager, Nokia Deepfield
Telstra Wednesday 11:00-11:30 COVID-19 and Telstra’s Network: The Rise of Internet Traffic and Its Effects
Bernhard Pusch, Head of Global Internet Strategy, Telstra
Windstream Wholesale Tuesday 5:00-5:30 Windstream Wholesale Shares Network Updates w/Raffle
Trey Allen, VP Content Segment
Kentik Monday 5:00-5:20 Flow Monitoring & Segment Routing: Gaps and Solutions
Dan Rohan, Director of Product Management
Justin Ryburn, Director of Solutions Engineering
Kentik Tuesday 11:30-11:50 State of Streaming Telemetry: You’re Not Behind
Avi Freedman, CEO & Founder
Kentik Wednesday 11:30-11:50 State of Network Performance Monitoring
Avi Freedman, CEO & Founder
IPv4.Global Monday 5:00-5:15 Intro to the IPv4 Market with IPv4.Global
Lee Howard
IPv4.Global Tuesday 11:30-11:45 IPv4.Global Marketplace Demo
Ceasar Sitt
IPv4.Global Tuesday 5:00-5:30 Complex IPv4 Transactions with IPv4.Global
Jack Hazan
IPv4.Global Wednesday 11:30-11:45 Intro to the IPv4 Market with IPv4.Global
Lee Howard