Optical Networking Technology

Solid Optics is a global supplier of compatible optical transceivers, multiplexers, OADMs and measuring tools, including our innovative EDFAMUX: a MUX + EDFA + DCM in 1RU for 10G up to 200km and for QSFP28 PAM4 DWDM 100G up to 120km.

We assist and advise our customers on complex tailored networking solutions and provide a full range of optical networking products including custom built multiplexers and enclosures.

Our Recoding Tool can be used with any Android device, MAC or PC and gives our customers additional flexibility by giving them the ability to recode our optics between brands on-site.

Quality and service is our number one priority.  Over the past decade, we have established rigorous testing procedures, a coding database for 60+ network equipment brands, and extensive expertise in CWDM & DWDM networking solutions.  We keep a large inventory in stock and aim to have short lead times and responsive service. You can rely on us as a partner that offers you quality products together with accurate, consistent, and responsive support.

Demo video of our 8x100G 80km EDFAMUX in a lab environment:


Step by Step Quick Start Guide for EDFAMUX: