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January 27, 2009, Steering Committee and Mail List Committee Joint Breakfast Meeting Minutes


  • Kris Foster (MLC Chair)
  • Randy Epstein (MLC)
  • Betty Burke (SC, Merit)
  • Todd Underwood (PC Chair)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Joe Provo (SC Chair)

Apologies Received:

  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Tim Yocum (MLC)
  • Simon Lyall (MLC)
  • Sue Joiner (MLC, Merit)
  1. The meeting began at 8:17am local time in the Executive Board Room at the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo. 
  2. Mailing List Summary/Status 

    Betty asked if the list has any major problems. Consensus by the group was no. A discussion was started regarding the number of active posters vs. lurkers and if we measure the vocal populations. Although no hard statistics were available with regards to this, it was estimated that there are a couple of hundred active posters to the list. 

  3. Integration with NANOG meetings 

    The discussion then want on to whether or not we need better integration of the mailing list with the NANOG meeting participants themselves (both local and remote) and if it is relevant to times like this where we have a lot of remote participants. The consensus was that the list content and the program content are different and rarely are in sync. The suggestion was to promote the NANOG-attendees list as more focused on the conference and allow remote (and local) attendees to collaborate and discuss the topics related to the conference. 

  4. MLC Workload 

    A short discussion started regarding the MLC workload and a more coordinated effort between MLC members. The discussion was brief due to the lack of MLC members at the meeting. This will be discussed during future MLC meetings. 

  5. Feedback? 

    Kris was worried about the lack of feedback. It seems that positive feedback often gets lost on the list. Should we take a poll on futures? 

  6. Bulletin board/forums for folks on-site 

    Betty asked if a bulletin board concept would work for folks on-site. Do we need a high tech solution and how much administrative overhead would there be? Randy mentioned MajorBBS/Worldgroup or MajorBBS type interface might work. 

  7. Integration of website with mailing list/website updates 

    There seemed to be great interest by the group in finding a way to integrate the NANOG website more with the mailing list. Slashcode idea was mentioned by Betty and Randy suggested pushing a dynamic tip of the day and/or recent news from the mailing list. Other considerations were a Digg- type button in the archives, Jared suggested private label Digg and Todd mentioned Reddit code is open source. 

  8. Re-tasking of MLC/name change 

    There was a brief discussion on slight re-tasking of the MLC to a communications committee and the SC suggested a possible name change if the MLC will be taking on tasks beyond the mailing list itself. 

  9. Meeting adjourned at 8:59am local time.