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NANOG admins July 27 2012


On the call: Randy, Val, Webster, Matt, Steve, 

Scott unable to attend as he is in transit



Need to choose a new chair of the communications committee with the removal of Dixon at last Fridays board call. Will do this by email so we can have full committee participation on selection


Moderation of new members for nanog list has been implemented and seems to be working. The erotica emails have appeared to stop. A real post to the list announcing the change will be sent by Matt. 


Website redesign is moving forward


Access to new server to create mail lists is now available. Internal facing lists can be created, public facing lists will need to wait until server transition complete so there is no confusion with the addresses (new currently @nanog.no-ip.com). Valerie will forward the email from Larry Blunk to the committee so all can access new server for any lists that may need creation/moderation. 


Discussion about a native nanog app for nanog meetings to include the agenda, and ability to select sessions/etc to schedule, and possibly chat for attendees at the meeting, attendee list with company info


Also talked about getting a link to your linked in info with your registration