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NANOG admin call Sept 21, 2012

Everybody except Scott 
Betty let group know the board approved tour of company to work on web redesign. Working on contract to get things sorted with goal of new prototype by end of year with rollout before 57 in February. 
Transition front: mail list moved and seems to be better. PC tool will be moved over this weekend.  Server and Seattle services will no longer be required after this weekend,  more will run out of our Chicago location on our own dedicated servers.
Randy mentioned a few initial issues on the mail list move but with a quick clear all has been good.  The list is still very active and no problems have been reported.
Betty will make sure accounts/access for admin team are set-up on the new servers so any issues for mailman administration are set. 
Val to create a full inventory of mail lists during the work to describe the current lists - understand there will be some aliases setup to help keep things clean
Posters to lists also need to be cleaned up. Also want to have one-off lists in the google environment moved to mailman.
Next meeting to take place at nanog conf in oct. 
Apologies if I missed any notes from before I joined the call. - val