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November 12, 2008 - MLC Meeting Minutes

  1. MLC Chair Selection - Kris states that selection of a chair is not in the charter, however since the SC and PC choose a chair once a year at this time, we should follow suit. Kris asked for volunteers at which time crickets were heard and the suggestion was made that Kris continue his role as chair. There was a unanimous decision to support this; Kris remains MLC chair. 
  2. Procedures review. Simon has done a majority of the work thus far in drafting text for warnings and non-warning reminders. To clarify procedure once again, the MLC member who wants to issue a reminder or warning should send the proposed text to the [email protected] list. Others can then approve/object. The original MLC member to raise the warning issue will then be charged with sending the approved text to the recipient as well as the [email protected] list. This procedure also applies to reminders/steering advice sent to the list at-large. 

    Formal warnings are clearly defined in the NANOG charter and as such we need to be very careful with what text is sent, including links to policy and enforcement procedures. 72 hours is required for a 3 person consensus. Once reached, it can be sent. 

    Informal pokes are not specified in the charter, but should they be questioned or objections raised, we can review policies and post to site. 

    Bans are still 3-strikes. Terms are up to MLC's discretion. Bans can be appealed to SC, and thus far none have been. We should stick to 1 year bans so as to not saddle future MLC members with decisions made by the last group. 

    Simon will pretty up the templates we've been using on warnings and reminders, and ensure they're on the MLC wiki once it exists. 

  3. How do we track warnings and bans? Intranet? Wiki? We don't have one where we can track warnings. Simon is tracking by hand right now. Merit webmaster to work on wiki or similar site with users and passwords. 
  4. Monthly list email: Simon tweaked subject line, will be sent to admins list first. 
  5. What types of outage discussions are appropriate for discussion on the list vs. other lists like "outages" Kris mentioned that the recent Cogent/Sprint discussion was very much on topic and worthwhile despite the number of messages posted. Tim suggests that outages that relate to single websites and the like are off topic whereas larger network issues are on topic. Simon further states that "low level" issues are certainly on topic. General view is that there is not a large enough problem to intervene. 
  6. Administrative access to the lists? All agreed that the MLC should have more access to the NANOG list backend, such that we can help people with subscription requests/modifications. After much deliberation, a suitable password was established. Sue will change it Thursday morning. 
  7. Kris asked if there would be a decent method to have a nanog "quiet" list whereby good quality posts would be redirected there for those that aren't interested in the fluff, much like the Interesting People (IP) list run by Dave Farber. Concern was raised regarding difficulty in moderating such a list and choosing what content passes muster for greater distribution. Whitelisting known-good posters was discussed briefly. Kris relates that the SC has approved more people to assist the MLC if necessary. No firm decisions were made as a result, however additional forums, topic-based lists, and similar vehicles will be further discussed on the [email protected] list. 
  8. Tim asked about emergency intervention to kill threads. Would be good to have in order to quell obviously off-topic threads before they get unwieldy. We will review settings as configured in mailman and see if there's use in taking advantage of this. Many asked at what point we should jump in on threads? Kris suggested that it would be useful for threads that start, continue, and ultimately end off-topic. 
  9. Website updates need to be done to reflect MLC changes. Email will be sent to [email protected] to request edits by Merit webmaster.

Next call date not yet set. If issues arise, we'll choose a date and schedule a call. Meeting adjourned at 8:36PM CST.