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VERP now active on all NANOG mailing lists


March 30, 2009 

Hi everyone 

All NANOG mailing lists were updated to use VERP (variable envelope return paths) at the beginning of the week. This will aid in bounce detection and help identify the subscriber. A more detailed description of VERP can be found here:


With this change some headers have changed. Depending on how you are performing your filtering this may or may not affect you. The header changes are:

Old Return-Path: LISTNAME-bounces@nanog.org
New Return-Path: LISTNAME-bounces+USERID=DOMAIN@nanog.org

Old Errors-To: : LISTNAME-bounces@nanog.org
New Return-Path: LISTNAME-bounces+USERID=DOMAIN@nanog.org

I hope that this change does not cause any serious issues for you. The mailing list admins are always reachable at admins@nanog.org if you have any technical questions. 


Kris Foster
MLC Chair