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Circumstances When Registration Fee Can Be Waived

The NANOG registration fee is waived for: 


  • Organizational staff supporting NANOG meetings


  • All elected and appointed members of the NANOG Board and Administrative Committees as defined by the bylaws


  • The Jon Postel Network Operators Scholarship Winner (fourth-quarter meeting only)


  • The Abha Ahuja Scholarship Award Winner (fourth-quarter meeting only)


  • NANOG meeting sponsors as defined by individual sponsorship agreements


  • Speakers:

    General Session presentations: a maximum of one speaker

    General Session panels: one panel moderator and all panelists

    Tracks: a maximum of one moderator

    Research Forum presentations: a maximum of one speaker

    Tutorials: a maximum of one instructor


  • The NANOG Executive Director has the authority to waive a registration fee in the interest of the organization as supported by the NANOG Board of Directors