Hotel Information

In and around Washington DC

Whether it’s your first visit, or you’re already well acquainted, there’s plenty to do and see in the District of Columbia.

Quick Facts + Tips:

Language: English

Currency: $USD

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Weather: Typically hot and humid in the summer months, with a June daily average highs of 82.4 °F (29 °C), daily average lows 66.3 °F (19.1 °C) of and average daily relative humidity around 66%.

Electrical Plug: North America Grounded NEMA 5-15

Voltage: 110V

Wayfinding: Access city + transportation maps here.



  • Restaurants: 15% of the total bill (or 20% for above-average service).
  • Bellmen + Porters: $1 per bag or suitcase.
  • Taxi Drivers: 15% of the total fare.