2010 NANOG Elections Summary + Results

Steering Committee Candidates

Proposed Charter Changes

Program Committee Candidates

Communications Committee Candidates

Key Dates

Election Results

Steering Committee + Charter Amendments

General Elections took place October 3-6, 2010.

2010 Steering Committee: Terms Expiring

Patrick Gilmore, Akamai Technologies
Joe Provo, ITA*
Robert Seastrom, ClueTrust

*-Term limited

The following individuals were the 2010 Steering Committee candidates:

  • Patrick W. Gilmore, Akamai Technologies
  • John Osmon, Consultant
  • Robert Seastrom, Afilias
  • Michael K. Smith, AdHost
  • Richard Steenbergen, nLayer Communications

Proposed Charter Changes

Proposal 2010-1: Transition of NANOG activities from Merit to NewNOG


This is in the On Ballot state, meaning that the text has been approved by the Steering Committee and placed on the ballot.

Proposal text:

Add section 4.1 containing:

4.1 Termination of relationship to Merit 
Merit expects to cease hosting NANOG on a date to be determined following NANOG 51. NewNOG, a Delaware Not-For-Profit Corporation whose Board consists of the community-elected members of the NANOG Steering Committee, wishes to assume responsibility for continuing NANOG's activities. The NANOG community endorses NewNOG as the entity responsible for organizing NANOG. It is the desire of the NANOG community that NewNOG and Merit manage an orderly transition of the activity's operations and negotiate a transfer of relevant intellectual property.


This will amend the NANOG charter to enable the transition of the NANOG activity from Merit to NewNOG, and recognize the desire of the community that this should happen.

Proposal 2010-2: Proposed NewNOG Bylaw Changes

Proposed New Bylaws (Proposed 10/01/2010 by the Governance Working Group)

Candidates: Program Committee

Terms Expiring:

Nina Bargisen, TDC

Tom Daly, Dynamic Network Services, Inc.

Brian Deardorff, Level 3 Communications

Igor Gashinsky, Yahoo!*

Mike Hughes, London Internet Exchange*

David Meyer, Cisco Systems

Tom Scholl, AT&T

Richard Steenbergen, nLayer Communications, Inc.*

Terms Not Expiring:

Cathy Aronson, Cascadeo Corporation

Jim Cowie, Renesys Corporation

Barry Greene, Juniper

Mohit Lad, ThousandEyes Inc.

Chris Morrow, Google, Inc.

Kevin Oberman, ESnet

Dani Roisman, The Planet

Sonia Sakovich

Larry Blunk - Merit appointee

* Has served two consecutive terms so, as per the charter, person cannot be considered for re-election until October 2011.

The following individuals were the 2010 Program Committee candidates:

Mehmet Akcin, ICANN

David Bannister, Cisco Systems

Nina Bargisen, TDC

John Brzozowski, Comcast

Tom Daly, Dyn Inc.

Brian Deardorff, Level 3 Communications

Greg Dendy, Equinix

Ryan Donnelly, VeriSign

Kevin Epperson, Cisco Systems

Randy Epstein, BroadbandONE

David Meyer, Cisco Systems

Matt Peterson, Square, Inc.

Frank Scalzo, VeriSign

Tom Scholl, nLayer Communications

Dave Temkin, Netflix

Chris Woodfield, Yahoo

Candidates: Communications Committee

Terms Expiring:

Randy Epstein, WV Fiber

Tim Yocum, Server Central Network

Terms Not Expiring:

Michael K. Smith, Adhost 

Kris Foster, Bit Gravity

Sue Joiner - Merit appointee

The following individuals were the 2010 Communications Committee candidates:

Michienne Dixon , liNKCity

Scott Ehnert , Spectrum Networks

Key Dates

August 2, 2010 - Nominations for Steering Committee Candidates opened.

August 24, 2010 - Nominations for Program Committee Candidates opened.

August 30, 2010 - Steering Committee Nominations closed.

September 13, 2010 - Charter Amendments posted.

September 13, 2010 - Nominations for Communications Committee Candidates opened.

October 3-6, 2010 - Voting for Board of Director Candidates + Bylaw Amendments.

October 4, 2010 - Committee Candidates Nominations closed.

Election Results

Steering Committee Elected October 2010

Patrick W. Gilmore, Akamai Technologies

Richard Steenbergen, nLayer Communications

Robert Seastrom, Afilias

Candidate Votes

Patrick W. Gilmore, Akamai Technologies 169

Richard Steenbergen, nLayer Communications 158

Robert Seastrom, Afilias 142

Michael K. Smith, AdHost 73  

John Osman, Consultant 34 

Charter Amendments for 2010


Charter Votes

Transition NANOG activities from Merit to NewNOG 210 yes 16 no

Proposed NewNOG ByLaws changes 169 yes 26 no