2013 NANOG Elections Summary + Results

Board of Directors Candidates

Proposed Bylaw Changes

Committee Candidates

Key Dates

Election Results

Board of Directors + Bylaw Amendments

General Elections took place October 7-9, 2013.

2013 Board of Directors: Terms Ending

Sylvie LaPerriere*, Google
Term ends: 2013 (10/31)

Duane Wessels*, Verisign
Term ends: 2013 (10/31)

Steve Gibbard, DNS
Term ends: 2013 (10/31)

*-Term limited

The following individuals were the 2013 Board of Directors candidates:

  • Joe Abley, Hopcount
  • William Charnock, SoftLayer Technologies, an IBM Company
  • Ryan M. Donnelly, Verisign
  • Steve Gibbard, Tata Communications
  • Huanhuan Jezzibell Gilmore, GTT
  • David Meyer, Brocade/University of Oregon
  • David Temkin, Netflix
  • David Siegel, Level 3 Communications
  • John van Oppen, Spectrum Networks

Proposed Bylaw Changes

Proposed Bylaw Changes


This is an attempt to simplify the bylaws, making them more readable, organized, and internally consistent.  In most cases the intent is to leave the meaning of the existing bylaws unchanged, with exceptions noted below.

It is divided into three broad sections.

The first section (articles 1-3) is introductory, with articles on the preamble, name, and mission.  The current bylaws were used as the basis for these except as noted.

The second section (articles 4-11) describes the organizational structure, with articles on the board, officers, membership, elections, etc.

The third and final section (articles 12-16) includes the necessary legal boilerplate, to ensure continuing 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and indemnification of directors and volunteers.

Substantive changes from the existing Bylaws are:

  • Articles 4 and  11: Changed “eligible voters” to “members”, since the term wasn’t defined elsewhere.
  • Article 5: [Officers must now be chosen from among the elected Board members. The ability to appoint outside officers was a holdover from the boilerplate used to form the initial bylaws, and has never been used.] After further discussion, the flexibility to point an outside Treasurer or Secretary seems like a good idea.  That is restored to this section.  Also, changed to gender-neutral “Chair” and “Vice Chair”.
  • Article 6: Defined “member in good standing.”
  • Article 7: The board may appoint non-members to ad-hoc committees (e.g. an outside subject-matter expert), and ad-hoc committee chairs are no longer ex-officio board members.  Renamed “Membership and Development” as “Development”, to highlight the committee’s primary purpose.
  • Article 8: Many of the details of conference and mailing list operation have been removed, as they more properly belong in “Policies and Procedures” documents rather than corporate Bylaws.  Community meetings are no longer mandated.  Member meetings are mandated at conferences during elections.

The following changes have been made based on advice from our attorney:

  • 4.3: Specify staggered terms for directors.
  • 4.5: Change “conference call” to “teleconference” to allow for new-fangled Internet technology.  Allow for written consent of board actions taken without a formal meeting.
  • 5.6, 5.7: (new): Specifies procedures for selecting officers and dealing with vacancies.

Proposed Bylaws

Candidates: Program Committee + Communications Committee + Development Committee

The following individuals were the 2013 Program Committee candidates:

Mehmet Akcin, DNS Operations

Darrell Budic, BigWells Technologies

Leslie Carr, Wikimedia Foundation

Adam Eaglestone, Integra

Paul Ebersman, Infoblox

Peter Hoose, facebook

L Sean Kennedy, XO Communications

Randolph (Randy) W. Neals, Rackspace US, Inc.

Matthew Nicholas Petach

Steven Schecter, Akamai Technologies Inc.

William Lawton

The following individuals were the 2013 Communications Committee candidates:

Brad Raymo, Limelight Networks

Randy Epstein, BroadbandONE

The following individuals were the 2013 Development Committee candidates:

Judy DeDios, Telstra Global

Andrew Fisher, Myriad Supply

Timothy Parker, Go Daddy

Valerie Wittkop, Bigwells Technology

Key Dates

August 9 2013 - Nominations for Board of Director Candidates opened.

September 13, 2013 - Nominations for Committee Candidates opened.

September 20, 2013 - Bylaws Amendments posted.

September 20, 2013 - Board of Director Nominations closed.

October 7-9, 2013 - Voting for Board of Director Candidates + Bylaw Amendments.

October 9, 2013 - Committee Candidates Nominations closed.

Election Results

Board Candidates Elected October 2013

David Temkin
Ryan M. Donnelly
Jezzibell Gilmore

Bylaw Amendments for 2013


Program Committee Candidates Appointed October 2013

Greg Hankins
Manish Karir
Michael Sinatra
Tony Tauber
Randolph (Randy) W. Neals
Steven Schecter
Peter Hoose
Matthew Petach
Paul Ebersman
Sean Kennedy

Communications Committee Candidates Appointed October 2013

Randy Epstein
Matt Griswold
Brad Raymo

Development Committee Candidates Appointed October 2013

Judy DeDois
Fearghas McKay
Tim Parker
Michael Rascoe
Valerie Wittkop