2019 Proposed Bylaw Changes

Removing NewNOG references from bylaws

When NANOG broke away from Merit Networks, Merit still controlled the rights to the name NANOG. Merit would eventually release control of NANOG, but that would take time. In the interim, the only course of action was to incorporate as NewNOG while the details were being worked out. So NANOG was incorporated under NewNOG, doing business as NANOG.

We have now legally changed our corporate name to NANOG, Inc. This change now requires us to clean up our bylaws and remove any references to NewNOG. Here are those references to NewNOG:


Suggested removals are strike through, suggested additions are in brackets [ ]


Bylaws of NewNOG [NANOG] Inc.,

A Delaware Non-Profit Corporation

(Doing Business As "NANOG")

PROPOSED August 2019


NewNOG [NANOG], Inc. Bylaws


1. Preamble

NewNOG [NANOG], Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "NANOG") exists to promote dialog concerning the creation, maintenance and operation of Internet Protocol networks. NANOG is not itself a network operator. Rather, it is a facilitator of discussion, learning, and technical communication between networking professionals. NANOG provides a forum where people from the network research community, the network operator community and the network vendor community can come together to identify and solve the problems that arise in operating and growing the Internet.


2. Name

The name of this corporation is NewNOG [NANOG], Inc., doing business as "NANOG".