Presentation Guidelines

Presentation guidelines


The NANOG Program Committee welcomes all attendees and vendors in submitting full-length presentations, panels, tutorials, lightning talks, and track sessions focused on current technologies or soon-to-be deployed technologies and industry innovation.


While it is not our goal to censor presentation content, we do ask that speakers refrain from disclosing proprietary information, or using presentations as a platform to promote their place of employment. As such, we ask that you adhere to our presentation guidelines. NANOG allows logos to be used in the following ways:

  • Logo representing speaker’s company or organization, on the first and last slides of a presentation.
  • Recognition logos (i.e. thanking the speaker’s sponsors or project partners) on either the first, or last slide of a presentation.
  • Unobtrusive logos or copyright notices representing the speaker’s company or organization in the slide footer.
  • Unobtrusive logos representing other products, companies, or projects are permitted within the talk, where applicable to the content of the presentation. Speaker must obtain any necessary approval for the legal use of such logos.

Presentation specs

  • A plain white background is recommended, a yellow background is discouraged.
  • Submit source files, such as a PowerPoint or Keynote file, especially if your presentation makes use of animation. You may also submit a PDF of your presentation for publication on the NANOG website.
  • Use as least 28-point fonts (larger for titles), to ensure legibility from any point in the room.
  • Lightning Talks are strictly limited to 10 minutes. While submitting draft slides is appreciated, it isn’t required.
  • Final Lightning Talk slides should be added to your talk in the Program Committee Tool, or submitted to speaker support prior to the last program break before the talks in PPT, PPTX, KEY, or PDF.

Configuration examples

Configuration examples are a useful, and sometimes necessary, means of conveying information. In order to provide the maximum benefit to the largest number of NANOG attendees, we encourage speakers to give multi-vendor configuration examples. Talks or tutorials that only use a single vendor for configuration examples will not be excluded on that basis alone, but will receive lower priority.

This doesn’t necessarily mean each example should be replicated in multiple vendors’ configuration language, as we understand multi-vendor configuration examples are not always possible to use. We ask that every effort be made to use them when possible, in order to increase the presentation’s value to our community.

Code of Conduct

NANOG is dedicated to providing an enjoyable, educational meeting experience. In the spirit of mutual respect and collaboration, we do not tolerate any unwelcome behavior from any member of our community, including speakers, who are required to follow NANOG’s Code of Conduct at all times.