Leslie Daigle Joins NANOG’s Board

Daigle Fills Position After Departure of Patrick Gilmore

by Elizabeth Drolet

  • June 20, 2022
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Leslie Daigle Joins NANOG’s Board

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Global Cyber Alliance and former Chief Internet Technology Officer (CITO) of Internet Society (ISOC), Leslie Daigle, has joined NANOG’s board as an interim member. Daigle fills the position left open after the departure of Meta, Manager of Network Engineers, Patrick Gilmore. 

“We look forward to having Leslie join us as an interim board member. I believe her years of experience working with other nonprofit boards in our sector can provide us with a unique insight as we continue to evolve our organization, “ NANOG executive director Edward McNair said. 

According to Daigle’s LinkedIn, in her role at Global Cyber Alliance, she works to “further GCA’s development and deployment of global solutions that contribute to eradicating cyber risk.”  

Leslie is additionally the host and co-founder of TechSequences Podcast. According to the website, the podcasts feature “lively discussions on current themed issues in technology and its consequences — our views and those of other invited experts, as we use the Internet’s five decades of history to puzzle out possible futures.”

She is known for her major contributions to the Internet during her time at ISOC, including forming the “Deployment and Operationalization (DO)” team in 2011 and the invention of the Deploy360 Programme. Daigle is an incredible advocate for the development of Internet identifiers and directory systems, as well as an open and accessible Internet.

“It’s that openness and accessibility of the Internet that we need to preserve if we want to see our brightest possible future,” she said in a farewell blog from ISOC.

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