Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Ethical transparency is critical to NANOG’s core values as a nonprofit organization. In addition to reporting annual audited financials and tax returns, we also report on an interim basis to highlight financial dealings and organizational accountability directly related to each of our tri-annual conferences.

Historical Meeting Data

Meeting Data N66-N80 (PDF)

Annual Audited Financials

Audited Financial Statements 2018 (PDF)

Audited Financial Statements 2017 (PDF)

Audited Financial Statements 2016 (PDF)

Interim Financials

June 2019 Financials (PDF)

March 2019 Financials (PDF)

June 2018 Financials (PDF)

March 2018 Financials (PDF)

990 Tax Returns

990 2018 (PDF)

990 2017 (PDF)

990 2016 (PDF)