NANOG Committees

Volunteer participation by members on NANOG committees is part of the essential fabric of the NANOG organization. Committee members have developed new programs, brought new ideas and new methods into practice, and helped to evolve the NANOG organization.

Audit Committee

The purpose of the Audit Committee (the "Committee") is to assist the Board of Directors (the "Board") in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities concerning the financial reporting process, the system of internal controls, the audit process, and NANOG's processes for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations. The Audit Committee appoints the independent auditor.

Audit Committee Members |Audit Committee Charter (pdf)

Compensation Committee

The purpose of the Compensation Committee (the "Committee") is to assist the Board of Directors (the "Board") with its oversight of the forms and amount of compensation the executive director, and to administer NANOG's incentive plans for employees and to oversee other matters related to the organization's compensation programs. The Committee is also responsible for preparing any compensation-related reports required by the Board or its members.

Compensation Committee Charter (pdf)

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

The DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) Committee ("Committee") is designed to support, engage and encourage diversity and acceptance within the greater NANOG community.

DEI Committee Members | DEI Committee Charter (pdf)

Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Committee (the "Committee") is to lead NANOG's efforts in the development of educational programs and its related curriculum. The Committee will provide guidance for NANOG developed educational programs aimed at professional development, educational programs aimed at supporting college students, and any other educational programs outside of those developed by the Program Committee. Once the Educational Committee has made its determinations, it will present its recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval and funding.

Education Committee Members | Education Committee Charter (pdf)

Elections Committee

The purpose of the Elections Committee (the "Committee") is to assist the Board of Directors (the "Board") by conducting elections for NANOG Board positions, proposed amendments to governing documents, and to conduct any other election-related matters as directed by the NANOG Board. The Election Committee is to review the NANOG Bylaws periodically.

Elections Committee Members | Elections Committee Charter (pdf)

Hackathon Committee

The purpose of the Hackathon Committee (“Committee”) is to plan and execute NANOG’s Hackathon events.

Hackathon Committee Members | Hackathon Committee Charter (pdf)

Mentorship Committee

The purpose of the Mentorship Committee (“Committee”) is to make Mentorship program recommendations to the NANOG Board for consideration and final approval.

Mentorship Committee Members | Mentorship Committee Charter (pdf)

Scholarship Committee

The purpose of the Scholarship Committee (“Committee”) is to review and select recipients of the NANOG scholarships offered each year.

Scholarship Committee Members | Scholarship Committee Charter (pdf)