NANOG Ombuds

NANOG Ombuds

The NANOG Ombuds (also "ombudsman" or "ombudsperson") is our designated neutral or impartial conflict resolution practitioner who provides confidential and informal assistance to our community on a variety of issues and concerns. The Ombuds function independently and have no formal decision-making authority or disciplinary responsibilities. The NANOG Ombuds does not advocate for any position in a dispute; instead, they strive for fairness of process and healthy conference conflict resolution. The Ombuds helps individuals informally resolve conflict by facilitating communication to help all parties reach mutually satisfactory solutions.

The typical duties are to investigate complaints and attempt to resolve them, usually through recommendations (binding or not) or mediation. Ombuds can also be resourceful in identifying systemic issues that hinder the rights of others.

Here are some areas where the Ombuds might be of service to our community:

  • Any violation of NANOGs Code of Conduct
  • Uncertainty and curiosities regarding policies, procedures, and practices
  • Interpersonal, intercultural, structural, and group conflicts
  • Perceived unfair, inequitable treatment 
  • Harassment or bully of any kind
  • Problems with diversity issues 
  • Perceived ethical dilemmas

The Ombud is additionally here to celebrate and acknowledge any progress or achievements you've observed within the organization, ensuring that positive efforts are recognized and encouraged to continue

All communication with the Ombud is entirely confidential. Neither the staff nor the board is copied on any communication between our community and the Ombuds.

If you believe you have been impacted by the code of conduct, have witnessed someone else being impacted, or have any other concerns, you are encouraged to raise your concern in confidence with one of the Ombudspersons please don't hesitate to contact NANOGs Ombud, Future Cain at [email protected] or fill out the reporting form here.



Meet Future Cain, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the field of leadership, education, and mental health. As a certified culture facilitator and assessor, she brings expertise in fostering inclusive environments and assessing organizational culture dynamics. With a passion for social emotional leadership and mental health advocacy, she has played a pivotal role in implementing trauma-informed practices and comprehensive mental health programs across the state of Wisconsin at the state level. 

In her current role as CEO and Founder of Future of SEL, she continues to lead initiatives aimed at empowering organizations to prioritize social emotional leadership, mental health, and cultivating supportive cultures through an equity mindset. Through her strategic leadership and innovative solutions, she remains committed to driving positive change and promoting well-being in educational and community settings. Future was appointed as NANOGs Ombud, effective 1 October 2022. As the lead Ombud, Future reports directly to the Executive Director. She is available to evaluate and resolve complaints from members of the NANOG