About NANOG Outreach

Program Overview

NANOG Outreach programs are designed to promote our core mission of education, and sharing Internet operations knowledge with communities throughout North America.

These programs also share industry best practices, networking fundamentals, career building, and insight into the latest industry trends with people and communities who do not have access to NANOG’s tri-annual meetings. Our programs are designed and taught by industry professionals who are committed to the ongoing advancement of the Internet in North America. These passionate individuals volunteer their time to make the Internet community in North America more robust and widely available. We embrace the notion that the Internet is the great equalizer, and that access to the Internet provides better opportunities for all.

NANOG Outreach programs focus on three distinct areas:

  • Continuing educational for industry professionals.
  • Educational and career development for students.
  • Training for underserved regions within North America.

Our industry professional programs work with smaller NOG's or other local industry groups within our region to provide educational support in a number of core areas. Our student programs focus on bringing students to our tri-annual meetings, or delivering educational seminars directly to college campuses. Our support for underserved regions centers on providing crucial training to indigenous and rural communities that have non-existent or inadequate Internet access. Our goal is not to build networks, rather to train local networking professionals that will support these communities.

NANOG's outreach efforts aim to:

  • Educate both existing and next-generation network professionals.
  • Encourage diversity within the networking community.
  • Inspire those in underserved regions to support their communities.

We are passionate about the Internet of tomorrow. We are committed to a future with a robust Internet for all. If you too have that passion, please volunteer to help support our vision of Internet access for all.

Program Details

Industry Professional Outreach

Network engineering is an in-demand career. In 2016 there were 391,300 individuals employed in the field. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that by 2026, there will be over 415,300 positions in the field of network engineering. A recent study by IDC and Cisco details that Security Specialist and Network Engineer jobs are at the top of the “hottest IT jobs.” Related fields reflect even higher demand. According to the IDC/Cisco report in 2017, there were about 2.9 million positions in the US and 1.9 million job postings. Long-term, there will be 20 new roles created, and more than five million new positions worldwide by 2027.

What does this mean for NANOG industry professional outreach? Fields related to network engineering are now growing, but they also require an ever-expanding knowledge base. To be competitive in the industry, it constantly requires the adoption of new skills and knowledge. Keeping up with the rapid pace of learning is a key area where our outreach can help. We work with local NOGs and local industry groups to deliver targeted education around in-demand topics. Training keeps professionals informed on the latest best practices for network engineers. We updated professionals in IPv6, routing security, DNS security, BGP, and other related network protocols and industry trends.

University Outreach

Network Engineering careers are multiplying, and there aren’t enough individuals to meet the current demand. This deficit will only increase as network engineering jobs are predicted to grow by 6% over the next ten years, and up to 36% in closely related fields. This presents a considerable challenge, but also an opportunity for the industry. NANOG is committed to helping prepare and recruit the network engineers of tomorrow.

We offer all-expense paid options for students and their instructors to attend a tri-annual meeting through NANOG’s College Immersion Program (NCI). We also provide a $10,000 college-tuition scholarship via the NANOG Scholarship Program. These programs are just a small part of our commitment to students and the future of networking in North America.

Our outreach programs now bring the latest industry education directly to university campuses. There we expose them to cutting edge information that colleges cannot provide. We also educate them on career paths within the industry. Another important goal is to address the lack of diversity in the network engineering community. We want to encourage women, people of color, and other industry groups to see the opportunities in these fields. We believe that diversity is key to a thriving Internet ecosystem.

NANOG is committed to our mission of education and support for the greater network community of North America. University Outreach is another means of fulfilling that goal.

Outreach to Underserved Communities

The hope of the Internet is one of being the great equalizer. One of its founding principles is universal access to all. However, there are some areas where Internet access is either non-existing our woefully inadequate. And some of those areas are right here in North America. We want to erase the lack of meaningful Internet access in North America. Lack of Internet access serves no one, it is a losing proposition for all. At NANOG we believe that education is the key. Our focus is not to build networks, but rather to train local networking professionals that will support these communities.

Currently, NANOG has joined forces with ISOC to their efforts in indigenous communities in North America. NANOG volunteers will train tribal members in the fundamentals of network engineering. We believe the best form of support comes through education, which creates lasting empowerment. Lack of adequate Internet access is something that affects us all. The Internet is the communication backbone of a modern society, and we cannot afford to leave anyone silent.

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