Program Committee

Program Committee


The Program Committee (PC) is responsible for the programs at all NANOG meetings and events. To be eligible to be appointed as a member of the PC, an individual must have attended one NANOG conference within the prior calendar year (12 months), and be a member in good standing.

Broad technical knowledge of Internet operations and familiarity with NANOG meetings are useful attributes. A strong candidate should have experience with NANOG through meeting attendance, meeting presentations, and have been an active member of the NANOG mailing list for a minimum of 3 years. Having constructive opinions and ideas about how NANOG meetings might be improved is of high value. A willingness to recruit presentations for each meeting is required.

Support NANOG strategy/goals:

  • Build unified branding and messaging in regards to NANOG’s unique position and community.
  • Develop mutually rewarding agreements with sponsors and presenters.
  • Maintain a sense of community and accessibility at conferences and in archived materials.
  • Develop and deploy a portfolio of programs, events, and resources that meet the broad range of members.


  • Responsible for recruiting a minimum of 3 talks per calendar year.
  • Required to attend 75% of all scheduled PC calls.
  • Expected to attend 66% of all NANOG meetings over the course of their two-year term.
  • Serve as an agenda moderator twice over the course of their two-year term.
  • PC members are expected to volunteer up to 10 hours in the 12 weeks leading up to a meeting, and an additional 24 hours all year round.

Measures of success:

  • Number of talks recruited per year.
  • Participation in NANOG meeting PC planning calls.
  • Solicitation and voting of presentation submissions.
  • Meeting registration.

Current Program Committee Leadership

Position Name Term Ends
Chair Apple Inc. 2024
Vice Chair Stevan Plote
Plote & Associates
Secretary Chris Woodfield
Program Director Valerie Wittkop
Staff position

Current Program Committee Members

Position Name Term Ends
Member Melchior Aelmans Juniper 2024
Member Oracle 2025
Member Aaron Atac Akamai 2024
Member Phil Bedard Cisco 2025
Member Jason Bothe Moody’s Corporation 2024
Member Dan Chioreanu Apple 2025
Member NetActuate, Inc 2024
Member Extreme Networks 2025
Member Marcus Holt JMF Solutions 2025
Member Manish Krishnan Google 2024
Member NETSCOUT 2024
Member Nimrod Levy AT&T 2025
Member Marlin Martes Amazon Web Services 2025
Member Fearghas McKay FLEXOPTIX GmbH 2024
Member Sergey Myasoedov NetArt Group 2025
Member Charles Rumford Deft 2025
Member James Shank SpyCloud 2024
Member Mike Starr trackd 2024
Member Adair Thaxton Internet2 2025
Member Arista Networks 2024
Member University of Vermont 2025
Member Les Williams Amazon Web Services 2025