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Tech Career Secrets to Success: Mentorship
A Conversation with Matt Petach on How Mentorship Changed His Career

There are very few industries that move at the speed + impact that technology does. Keeping your head on straight as you covet the latest tech trends while also pursuing… Read more

Proposals at ITU-T for Internet Evolution Raise Serious Concerns; According to ISOC
Huawei, Chinese Carriers, and China want to Redesign a Prominent Part of the Internet, via a set of "New IP" proposals

Why are you concerned with the “New IP” set of proposals? Badran: Recent contributions to the ITU-T, particularly to SG13, have included proposals for new architectures… Read more

2022 – The State of IPv6 Ten Years After World IPv6 Launch
*Guest Blog | by John Jason Brzozowski + Leslie Daigle (ThinkingCat)

The Beginning Read more

Health Tips for Desk Junkies
10 Ways to Get Healthy While Working at Your Desk

For technologists working remotely or spending a majority of time at their desks, it can be challenging to squeeze in healthy habits during the busy work day. Improving … Read more