Building the Internet of Tomorrow by Helping You Build Your Career

Your education is a serious time and financial commitment. Sometimes, seeing your studies’ practical applications and rewards in real-time, however, is challenging. In addition, due to networking technologies being rarely taught in accredited programs, students are left to find career-building opportunities on their own. That’s why NANOG founded NANOG U. 

Gain a Competitive Edge While Still in School

From DDoS attacks to mitigation and network optimization, NANOG U is a two-day in-person event that will provide local technology engineering students a competitive edge via talks and engagements with industry leaders. This allows students to connect and engage with industry innovators while learning about the latest Internet technologies, without ever having to leave their school.

Discover the Future of Networking

NANOG U's inspired + technical programming on the most current developments and challenges in network engineering, operations, and architecture is designed for both undergrad and graduate students and is presented by some of the top minds in the industry.


NANOG U 2022 Tour 

We are ecstatic to announce that the City of Montgomery will be hosting the Fall 2022 NANOG U Tour, taking place 19-20 September 2022 in Montgomery, Alabama. Breakfast + lunch, and snacks will be provided, along with transportation to and from local universities. 

*Detailed info will be forthcoming.

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Fall 2019 NANOG U Tour

Due to the pandemic, our last NANOG U Tour took place in 2019. At that time, nine Internet technology experts took to the classroom during our first-ever NANOG U tour at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Purdue, and Ball State. From DDoS attacks to mitigation, network optimization, and more, NANOG U presented three days of talks on some of the most current developments and challenges the industry faces.

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What NANOG U participants are saying

We spoke to eight students from Purdue and Ball State about their career goals once the graduate, and what they learned from NANOG U that they couldn't have learned in the classroom alone.