Strategic Goals 2022+



  • Classroom education at conferences
  • Structured online education
  • Training and education outside of conferences
  • Monthly educational webinars
  • Non-technical, professional-development programs
  • Content developed in collaboration with the Program Committee
  • Educate veterans, NOGs, and people with disabilities about the resources available to them 
  • Mentorship:
    • Mentorship programs to support the next generation of Internet technology professionals
      • Mentors and Mentees meet face-to-face at each meeting
      • Mentorship sessions should be facilitated and topic-based
    • Mentorship training programs for volunteers
    • Mentorship portal to support continued engagement
    • Develop mentorship guidelines and a code of conduct


Meeting Experience

  • Build smaller communities based on affinities and specialties
  • Reach out to local NOGs to recruit speakers for upcoming meetings in their vicinity
  • Provide more private-meeting space
  • Encourage the participation of industry executives
  • Provide better support for NANOG Premium Sponsors at conferences
  • Provide resources for parents attending a conference 

Diversity + Inclusion

  • Communicate our commitment to diversity + inclusion
  • Measure our efforts toward improving diversity + inclusion in our community
  • Develop a framework that supports and protects our diverse community members

Online Collaboration

  • Knowledge Base for Internet technology professionals
  • Modern online forums