2007 NANOG Elections Summary + Results

Steering Committee Candidates

Proposed Charter Changes

Program Committee Candidates

Key Dates

Election Results

Steering Committee + Charter Amendments

General Elections took place October 14-16, 2007.

2007 Steering Committee: Terms Expiring

Joe Abley, Afilias

Chris Morrow, UUNET/MCI

William B. Norton, Equinix

*-No Term limits this year

The following individuals were the 2007 Steering Committee candidates:

  • Steve Feldman, CNE
  • Lucy Lynch, ISOC
  • Jared Mauch, NTT America
  • Chris Morrow, UUNET/MCI/VerizonBusiness
  • William B. Norton, Equinix Inc.
  • Josh Snowhorn, Terremark - NAP of the Americas
  • Duane Wessels, The Measurement Factory

Proposed Charter Changes

[proposed text removed] proposed text addition

Proposal 2007-1: Addition of Mailing List Committee Chair as Ex-Officio Member of Steering Committee


Add proposed text to the end of section 7.1.2

Proposal Text

The chairperson of the Mailing List Committee will serve ex-officio (without a vote) on the Steering Committee, in order to facilitate communication among the two groups.

Proposal 2007-2: Editorial Consistency in Mailing List Committee Nomenclature


Changes listing in the charger from Mailing List Administrator to Mailing List Committee.

Changes would be applied to sections 4, 6.2.2, and 7.1.2

Proposal Text

  1. Relationship to Merit Network, Inc. 

Merit Network, Inc. (hereafter referred to as Merit) is a non-profit corporation governed by Michigan's public universities. NANOG is an activity hosted at Merit, with Merit providing full-time staff, logistical coordination, registration services, and financial management. Merit is also the host of the NANOG mailing list. Merit also supports the goals and mission of NANOG through its support of and relationship with the Chairs of the NANOG Steering Committee and Program Committee. From time to time, additional Merit staff members may serve ex officio on the Steering Committee, the Program Committee, or the [mailing list administration panel] Mailing List Committee (see Section 7.1.2). 

6.2.2 [Mailing List Administrator Selection] Mailing List Committee Selection

The Steering Committee will select the [administrators of the NANOG mailing list] Mailing List Committee (discussed further in Section 7.1.2). 

7.1.2 Mailing List Administration 

The NANOG lists will be administered and minimally moderated by the Mailing List Committee, all but one of whom is selected by the Steering Committee. Merit appoints the member of the Mailing List Committee not appointed by the Steering Committee. There will be no fewer than four members on the list administration committee, and they may not serve as members of either the Program Committee or the Steering Committee during their time as members of the Mailing List Committee.

Appointment of an Mailing List Committee member is for a two year term, with a member serving a maximum of two terms without taking time off. Half of the Mailing List Committee comes up for re-appointment at the start of each fall meeting. When there are an odd number of appointees, the larger 'half' will be appointed in the even numbered year. 

Proposal 2007-03: Removal of text which specifies particular internal processes to be followed by the Program Committee, in the interests of avoiding micromanagement


Remove the last paragraph of sectiton 8.3.2

Proposal text

8.3.2 Program Committee Responsibilities 

The Program Committee is responsible for motivating/soliciting people to submit interesting talks, selecting the submissions which seem most appropriate (with some attention to presentation skills), and following up with speakers after acceptances to ensure that presentations are completed in time, with ample warning of potential problems with the presentation. 

The Chair of the Program Committee will serve ex officio (without a vote) on the Steering Committee, in order to facilitate communication among the two groups. 

[Each member of the Program Committee must review all presentations submitted for each meeting. The Chair may excuse a member from one meeting's review cycle due to extenuating circumstances, but if a member misses two meetings in a row, he or she may be removed from the committee.] 

Candidates: Program Committee

Terms Expiring:

Nick Feamster
Dan Golding
Joel Jaeggli
Ren Provo
Josh Snowhorn
Pete Templin
Todd Underwood
Vish Yelsangikar

Terms Not Expiring:

Steve Feldman
Igor Gashinsky
Kobi Hsu
Mike Hughes
Keith Mitchell
Ted Seely
Richard Steenbergen
Bill Woodcock

The following individuals were the 2007 Program Committee candidates:

Rob Cambra

Randy Epstein

Nick Feamster

Peter Harrison

Joel Jaeggli

Rodney Joffe

Mark Kosters

Sylvie LaPerrière

David Meyer

R. Kevin Oberman

Rob Cambra

Matt Peterson

Ren Provo

Pete Templin

Todd Underwood

Key Dates

August 14, 2007 - Nominations for Steering Committee Candidates opened.

September 11, 2007 - Steering Committee Nominations closed.

September 30, 2007 - Charter Amendments posted.

October 3-11, 2007 - Program Committee Nominations. accepted.

October 14-16, 2007 - Voting for Steering Committee Candidates + Charter Amendments.

Election Results

Over 1,700 people were eligible to vote, with eligibility based on having attended at least one NANOG meeting in the past two years, i.e., between fall 2005 and fall 2007.

Of those who were eligible to vote, 183 actually voted. Voters could choose up to three (3) candidates and three (3) charter amendments. 

Steering Committee Elected October 2007

Chris Morrow, UUNET/MCI/Verizon Business
Jared Mauch, NTT America
Steve Feldman. CNET

Charter Amendments for 2007

All Charter Amendments passed