Keynote: Growing Up with NANOG


Keynote: Growing Up with NANOG

Speaker: Jezzibell Gilmore, PacketFabric

Join us for a NANOG 80 keynote, presented by Jezzibell Gilmore, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder of PacketFabric.

I would like to share how the NANOG community helped me grow as an individual, a team member, a leader, and most importantly, as a friend.

As a first generation immigrant and a woman, I faced quite a few challenges. Starting as an executive assistant with no networking background, my career path was not exactly laid out in advance. But once I was in the industry, I knew it was where I needed be. Eventually I co-founded PacketFabric, received nearly $100M in funding, expanded to three continents, and have taken on the challenges of Chief Commercial Officer. While it took a lot of hard work and more than a little luck, I could not have done it without the support and inspiration of this great community.

The relationships I have built by being part of the community are some of the most important of my life - business and personal. When NANOG split from Merit to an independent entity, I volunteered to help with sponsorships to keep the new organization solvent. That lead to being elected twice to the Board of Directors. Those experiences allowed me to meet amazing people and taught me invaluable lessons which help me to this day.

I hope this talk can help all of you to draw strength and resources from our community in your journey to success, as I have.

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