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NANOG U Fall 2022 Tour
The City of Montgomery Hosted the Two-Day Edu. Event

NANOG U Fall 2022 Tour Montgomery Read more

NANOG 86 Women in Tech Speaker: "Embrace Your Edge"
Black Discussed "Addressing Diversity by Creating Access" at NANOG 86

VP of Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks, Hang Black tends to stand out in a room.  Sure, there are obvious reasons. Her vivid, royal purple-colored hair can liven u… Read more

The Engineer Approved List of Sightseeing in Hollywood
A Technologist's Fool-Proof Guide to Having a Good Time

When not watching groundbreaking talks or connecting with industry heroes at NANOG 86, why not do some California dreamin’ of your own at this meeting’s Hollywood locati… Read more

The Power of Mentorship in Tech
Q + A with Matt Petach on How Mentorship Changed His Career

Very few industries move at the speed + impact that technology does. Keeping your head on straight as you covet the latest tech trends while also maintaining your daily … Read more