NANOG Embraces Hybrid Meetings

September 1, 2021

NANOG Embraces Hybrid Meetings

NANOG will now be an in-person + virtual platform

by Elizabeth Drolet

NANOG Embraces Hybrid Meetings

Meetings will now be offered in-person + virtually — NANOG has made a permanent shift to becoming an hybrid event platform. We have captured the best of both worlds into hybrid programming that can be equally enjoyed from the comfort of your laptop and/or in-person venues! We are excited to announce NANOG 83 as our first hybrid event.

NANOG 83 will take place in Minneapolis, MN from Nov. 1 - 3. Register now.

The pandemic created opportunities for growth, innovation and accessibility within our infrastructure. To comply with COVID regulations and keep our community safe, NANOG went virtual for the 2020-2021 event period. Now, we have continued to grow in permanently becoming a hybrid platform.

We are committed to accesibility. The robust platform NANOG has built will allow access to a broader community and the ability to incorporate Q + A sessions in real-time from both virtual + in-person audiences. This will only help NANOG in our mission of working together to build the Internet of tomorrow.

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Will the agenda remain the same?

Yes, with the exception of the program starting at 2 pm Central on Monday, the agenda will remain the same.

Will remote viewing change?

We will stream live on our website. What will change is that the remote community will have the ability to ask questions of the presenter in real-time.

What will change?

For face-to-face the meeting planning team is looking at how we can provide a safe and comfortable environment without impacting too much of what we love about NANOG events.  You will see hands free check-in, socially distanced seating and hand sanitation stations. As far as the virtual experience goes, our vision is to allow remote viewers an opportunity to participate in live Q & A during these sessions. We are also working to include remote participation in the Hackathon, Members Meeting + Newcomers sessions.

How is the industry changing post outbreak of COVID?

Although the meetings industry suffered a great deal over the past year, we are starting to see a slight rebound. It’s still slow, however because there is an industry talent shortage, coupled with the delayed process of bringing employees back to work in office full-time.

Are hybrid events the future of the industry?

Yes, the Global Business Travel Association conducted a survey earlier this year, and reported that 5 out of 7 respondents will be holding hybrid events this year. With a significant increase in corporate travel restrictions the meetings industry has been forced to pivot to including a virtual option.

How will NANOG decide what presentations will be in-person and which will remain virtual only?

The decision for what presentation is made in-person vs. what is virtual lies in the hands of the presenter. When presenters make a submission, they select how they would like to present.

Will in-person presentations still be accessible online and in real-time?

The presentations will all be streamed from the in-person meeting location. In the instance of NANOG 83, that location is Minneapolis, MN. A presenter will have their presentation shown in the meeting room and streamed out to the NANOG platform simultaneously.

Will virtual presentations remain the same with online Q+A sessions being available in real-time?

Virtual presentations will have an additional source of questions, as there will be a live audience component as well as the virtual component we have all participated in over the past several meetings.

What will be the biggest challenges of hosting hybrid events?

Time zones! In a virtual only world, we were able to pick and choose the best time to run the conference. In a hybrid event, the time frame of the meeting is based on the in-person component location.

Will NANOG continue to host hybrid events after NANOG 83?

Yes, hybrid events are here to stay!

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Elizabeth Drolet

Elizabeth Drolet is NANOG's Multimedia Story Producer

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