“My Favorite NANOG 89 Moment”

November 2, 2023


“My Favorite NANOG 89 Moment”

NANOG PC Shares the Memories that Made NANOG 89

by Elizabeth Drolet

NANOG asked the Programming Committee (PC) to share their favorite "NANOG 89 Moment(s)" at our most recent meeting. Here is what they had to say!



Mikael Holmberg - Extreme Networks

Keynote: The Expanding Landscape of Internet Governance:​ Why Network Operators Need a Global View with President + CEO of ARIN, John Curran.

This talk focused on the expanding landscape around the Internet’s governance. John reviewed the ongoing evolution of the Internet from simply a massive commercial activity into something more integral and foundational for society. There are a lot of assumptions taken on the governance side of the Internet. It needs to be understood that the Internet today is a mission-critical infrastructure and does provide the lifeline for so many businesses and functions across the globe. John touched on the aspects of how Internet coordination is different from governance and how the technical community has engaged in Internet governance, which could have potential economic, security, and human impact.

Internet governance decisions need to be taken at the right levels and by the right authorities, as otherwise, there could be serious consequences for network operators as the landscape continues to evolve. This is something that all of us should consider (whether a small or large organization) to keep the Internet stable and well-interconnected.


Steve Plote - NANOG PC

I had several "moments."

Fireside Keynote with COO of Arista Networks, Anshul Sadana.

I liked the dialog and answers Anshul gave. He was very open to information sharing and sincere sounding in all of his answers.

Navigating Diversity: Inclusive Leadership, Race, and the Dynamics of Humanity with Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Discover, Joy Canonigo.

This was the first time I had seen and heard the speaker, Joy talk. Excellent content that makes me think as a leader about my own internal biases and what motivates me to like and respect some people and not others who are doing similar work.

Building Trustworthy Network Infrastructure with Python Developer, Rakesh Kandula.

Rakesh's talk was a good overview of all the elements of a network. H.W., S.W. Encryption, ownership, and user identification - a great baseline.


Les Williams - Amazon Web Services

NANOG Socials

The power of the "back-of-the-napkin" solution breakthroughs that can occur during NANOG Socials is underrated.

When you have just had a long day at the event, a quick and effective way to link up with your network peering partners and address quick interconnect options is to attend a Social. Folks are more relaxed and can engage with more ease. The Socials are great conduits for our NANOG community to bond and nurture excellent business/technical relationships.


James Shank - SpyCloud

My favorite "talk" was The Return of NANOG Jeopardy with Charles Rumford.

Perhaps that's a weird choice, but that event had more of a community element than your average presentation. Community is at the heart of NANOG and how the Internet works. In addition, the mini history lessons that were given as past experiences by the panelists were great.


Adair Thaxton - Internet2

Discovering Flaws in BGP Error Handleing with Ben Cartwright-Cox.

As a security person, I enjoyed the Ben Cartwright-Cox presentation and the ensuing discussions about "the vuln" on my various Slacks.


Cat Gurinsky - Apple

Tutorial: Bringing True Load Balancing to Your On-Premises Kubernetes Cluster with Mauricio Rojas.

Tutorial: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Optical Networking – But Were Afraid to Ask with Richard Steenbergen.

I love a good tutorial, and this NANOG, we had some talented and experienced tutorial speakers. Richard did an updated version of his Optic Tutorial, which is always a densely packed wealth of knowledge. Mau did a great tutorial on bringing load balancing to Kubernetes clusters, and Kubernetes is an area that we, as network engineers, are still learning to branch more into these days. Both presenters are great at breaking down their respective topics and keeping the audience engaged and interested for lengthy but information-packed topics.

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Watch all talks on the "NANOG 89 Playlist" on our YouTube channel and create your "favorites" list.

See you at our next meeting, NANOG 90, taking place in Charlotte, NC, 2024, Feb 12 - Feb 14.



Elizabeth Drolet

Elizabeth Drolet is NANOG's Multimedia Story Producer

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