NANOG 89 to Take Place in Historic + Iconic Coronado

August 1, 2023


NANOG 89 to Take Place in Historic + Iconic Coronado

Fun Facts About Your Next NANOG Meeting Destination

by Elizabeth Drolet


NANOG's 89th community-wide meeting will occur at the "secluded waterfront oasis" of Loews Coronado Bay Resort, located off the coast of San Diego, CA, on 16 - 18 Oct.

The conference venue sits on a 15-acre peninsula, surrounding one of "the top ten beaches" in the U.S. and the magnificent San Diego skyline. 

Coronado may look like an island; however, there has been much debate over the years of the correct terminology. Experts have defined it as a "land-tied island" resort town as it is connected to the Southern California city of San Diego by a seven-mile tombolo (a sandy isthmus) called the Silver Strand. 

Here are some additional fun facts to pique your interest about the next NANOG destination. 

Once Barren and Only Known for Jackrabbits

The modern history of Coronado dates back to 1886. Elisha S. Babcock Jr., Hampton L. Story, and Jacob Gruendike officially purchased the town for $110,000.00 on November 19, 1885. Before this, Coronado had been abandoned for more than 10,000 years. Babcock Jr. and Story had rowed into the shores of Coronado from San Diego to hunt jackrabbits and found the barren land held more promise. At the time, a railroad was coming to San Diego, and the pair envisioned it would be the perfect place for a luxurious hotel and resort town for the incoming Easterners.

Important Historical Significance

There are over 85 designated historical sites that can be found on Coronado. World War 1 + military historians should note several events at the start of WW1 took place here, as well as some remarkable naval and aeronautical innovations. The Coronado Historical Association features a variety of artifacts; including art, photographs, and military equipment. 


Home to the National Landmark of Hotel Del Coronado

The glamorous Hotel Del Coronado is a 135-year-old national historic landmark. Over the years, it has been a mainstay for iconic U.S. celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, and at least 13 U.S. Presidents, including Taft, Roosevelt, Carter, Johnson, and Nixon.

The San Diego-Coronado Bridge Was Built in 1969 

Until then, the only way to access Coronado was by ferry or to drive along the narrow Silver Strand. The scenic highway is structurally the only one of its kind. It is five lanes and more than two miles long. It is made to allow for the tallest of Navy ships to pass under with a tremendous 90-degree shift at mid-point. The bridge is supported by arches with side panels of 34 inches to allow for stunning views while crossing.


Coronado Beach Named "Top 10 Beaches in America"

Coronado Beach made the "Dr. Beach," 2023 Top 10 Beaches in America, calling it "the toast of Southern California." Coronado is known for its mesmerizing beaches. The list includes Silver Strand State Beach (located in front of our NANOG 89 venue), Glorietta Bay Beach, Coronado Dog Beach, and Ferry Landing Marketplace.

A Brewery Destination 

San Diego is renowned for craft beer, and Coronado does not fall short. It has distinct flavors for beer lovers to sample. The Coronado Brewing Company is a hot spot for locals and a fantastic place to fill your tummy with hearty fare, while wetting your mug with an ice-cold beer.

A Foodies' Paradise 

From delicious fine dining options to pizza by the slice delivered to you right on the beach, Coronado has something for every pallet. Return to a simpler time at the retro Clayton's Coffee Shop or sip sommelier-selected wines at Stake. The restaurant Serea is known for their sea urchin.


Known as "The Crown City"

Coronado was established in 1602 by the explorer Sebastian Vizcaino, who named it Coronado. He drew its first map and gave the land the Spanish term for "crowned," thus, it is nicknamed "The Crown City."

Have You Registered Yet For NANOG 89?

Take advantage of your opportunity to receive an early bird discount and visit the iconic Coronado. Learn more here. 



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