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NANOG Hackathon: Creative Outlet for the Passionate Engineer

Hackathons are not only a key part of the NANOG conferences, but a unique opportunity to engage in the sheer “joy of creation,” collaboration and learning within the net… Read more

Creative Outlet for the Passionate Engineer
NANOG Hackathon

Hackathons represent the essence of NANOG's mission.Bringing together a diverse community of networkers, the NANOG Hackathon provides hands-on education in real tim… Read more

Collaborating across continents via the NANOG 80 Virtual Hackathon
A conversation with Barrie Jones Cook and Toni Yannick Kalombo

We recently spoke with Barrie Jones Cook of San Diego, and Toni Yannick Kalombo of Johannesburg, on their collaboration both during and after the NANOG 80 Virtual Hackat… Read more