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The Power of Mentorship in Tech
Q + A with Matt Petach on How Mentorship Changed His Career

Very few industries move at the speed + impact that technology does. Keeping your head on straight as you covet the latest tech trends while also maintaining your daily … Read more

Meet NANOG's Newest Team Member
A Conversation w/ Software "Craftsman" Greg Newman

Tell me about your professional background. How did you get into software development? I never actually finished college. I began college pursuing medical illustration b… Read more

P.C. Picks: NANOG 85
Programming Committees' Favorite Talks at N85

Hours of ground-breaking industry talks, right at your fingertips!Not sure where to start in watching your recap of NANOG 85? Don't fret. We saved you the time and … Read more

Ombuds Reflect our Commitment to Diversity + Inclusion
NANOG Ombuds Discuss Building a Culture of Inclusion

One critical thing is that we are neutral in discovery, but we're passionate in execution. Read more